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Money For Nothing & CHECK$ For Free!

10/13/17, 12:15 pm

President David Palmer stated in his August 2017 Telegraph RANT:” The accounting firm (Dahlen) charged the Ranch for their time in answering this unfounded complaint.”


The theft of our Political NO ON 2 Signs along with the on-going investigation has triggered multiple questions with many tentacles.

On August 31, 2016, I spoke with Ms. Monica Dahlen, Office Manager and wife of Christopher Dahlen regarding Ballot Return Reporting Procedures for the 2016 Ranch Election. Ms. Dahlen clearly stated they-Dahlen & Associates were prohibited from releasing any on-going Ballot Return Numbers/Information. Remember the Monster Thermometers? Numbers?

On September 22, 2016, we wrote the Board of Accountancy based on our CPA’s advice. We did Not file a Complaint as President Palmer stated but did request an Opinion regarding conflicting reports about the 2016 Election Process.

Fast forward to February 2017 and we discovered Christopher Dahlen submitted to the Oregon Board of Accountancy a letter gratuitously alleging serious, dishonest and false accusations about me-Paid For By The Ranch Administration.

Why would Mr. Dahlen feel it necessary to bill the Ranch for his so-called time attributed to his actions outside the scope of our inquiry raised with the Board of Accountancy. More importantly, WHY PAY HIM?

We have asked the Ranch Administration for a copy of Mr. Dahlen’s bill/charges-what amount he presumably was paid and who authorized it. To date the Ranch Officials have denied our lawyer’s request.

The Investigation Continues…


Ranch Matters Staff

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