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10/13/18 5:45 PM


The upcoming November election Ballot will have three Money measures for taxpayers to decide on.


The 1st one is CRR Fire and Rescue’s 5 year levy request in the amount of .89 per 1000 of assessed property value.

This will replace the current tax of .69 per 1000 assessed value and increase it by .20 per 1000, that equates to a modest $35 Property tax increase for a home valued at 175K


The Next request comes from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office,

They would like 1.70 Per 1000 of property value to continue funding the Jail operations. Sheriff Jim Adkins stated at a JC Commission meeting, “If it doesn’t pass now, we will ask again in May.” Currently, taxpayers are taxed 1.24 per 1000 that will expire in 2019. If this measure passes, that’s a .46 per 1000 increase & you can expect paying $80.50 more on your property tax bill at 175K value



Lastly the Redmond school district will have a measure that will cost an additional .54 per 1000 to build a new school.

For an average home cost of 175K that’s an additional $94.50, currently taxpayers are paying $2.45 per thousand to the district.

So here’s the real Kicker,

Suppose all three measures pass, and you own a home, You will pay a total of 1.20 per 1000 more next year. if your home is valued at 175K you will see an increase of $210 in property taxes.

When one adds the dues increase for the new road and plus these new taxes all together, can someone on a limited income afford to live here?

Ranch Matters Staff

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