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7/26/22, 11:14AM


A week ago, the Ranch leadership held their 2022 Election Candidates Forum in the Juniper room.

The following message was posted prior to the meeting by CRR Board President Bill Burt on the Ranch website:

“2020 Annual Election Candidates Forum-William Burt is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting”


Ranch Matters (RM) contacted the Ranch Administration and confirmed the Forum was also an in person meeting and pointed out their published date reflected 2020 and not 2022.

RM attended the meeting and expected the Association to post a recording or at a minimum, a written report and/or minutes memorializing the event. Didn’t happen.


The candidates: Incumbent, Sheryl L. Jones, was appointed last April by the Board of Directors, Sarah Woolverton and Kari Vickery.


President Bill Burt had three questions prepared for the candidates.

#1 “Is there some area or issue you’ll champion to make the Ranch even better?”

#2 “Some social media sites on the Ranch are filled with misinformation and questions about being asked where the real information exists on our website, phase rep notices and the Telegraph. What suggestions would you have to better educate our property owners finding actual information?”

#3 “Would you disagree with the way voting turned out on a particular issue, are you ready to correct yourself, analyze your position and support the decisions of the majority of the Board?”

Burt allowed the audience an opportunity to ask questions.

Ranch resident Layne Amos, asked for a definition of misinformation, valid sources and First Amendment rights…

Resident Carol Orr stated, “I think President Bill brought it up, originally and he said that there are misinformation websites or social media, but he didn’t exactly identify which ones” and asked Burt to identify the culprits. Burt responded, “Well, lets see, Ranch Matters…” President Burt cited two RM stories as disinformation, the rodeo panels story and the passage of the Board’s three Resolutions.

As an aside we stand by all of our stories.




After the meeting ended, Ranch resident and committee member, Michael O’Brien(R) confronted Layne Amos(L) regarding his First Amendment question.

He schooled Amos on proper meeting decorum.


While Carol Orr was speaking with Burt, resident/committee member Pat Kelley interrupted their conversation and according to Orr, Kelley stated, “This discussion is going no where.” Orr asked Kelly to stop interrupting.




In March of 2020, former Ranch Director and CC&R Committee Member, Mark Schneider submitted a complaint to the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training against Ranch Matters John Stevens’ private investigators license. Schneider opened his complaint by stating, “He (Stevens) is constantly violating your ‘Code of Ethics and Conduct’ and WE believe he should have his license removed.”


Schneider goes on, “I will be attaching a SIGNATURE SHEET to this complaint so that you can see it is not some disgruntled person making the claim. Hopefully it will hold some weight and have John Stevens license REVOKED.”

There are eleven names on Schneider’s Signature Sheet and he refers to them as the “main leading citizens” for apparent impact.

“Leading citizens” Michael O’Brien and Pat Kelley are signers on Schneider’s Signature Sheet.

Schneider’s DPSST complaint looked to have been organized, coordinated and submitted by Ranch Officials with the objective of having Stevens’ licensed revoked. Schneider stated, “Our community would really benefit from him not having his license. It may even force him to move.”

Additionally, Ranch Officials did their best to use DPSST as a weapon to silence RM.

It should be noted that DPSST closed Schneider’s complaint as



This Forum was about electing three new Ranch Directors. Why didn’t President Burt feel the need to record such an important event for the benefit of all Association members?

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