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6/24/22, 9:38 PM


Ranch Matters attended Sheriff Jason Pollock’s celebration tonight at the New Basin Distilling Company in Madras, Oregon.


It was well attend and included Jefferson County District Attorney, Steven Leriche, Jefferson County Chief Deputy District Attorney, Brentley Foster, former Sheriff Jim Adkins and County Commissioner, Kelly Simmelink and County Commission Candidate, Mark Wunsch to name a few.

Sheriff Jason Pollock

 Former JC Sheriff Jim Adkins                                                                    JC DA Steven Leriche

                                                 JC Commissioner Kelly Simmelink

Entertainment was provided by “Matt Martin & the Band.” From Prineville.

Sheriff Pollock described tonight’s event as a “Way to bring the community together.” He added, “Regardless of what side your own-we’re all in this together.” Pollock thanked everyone for their support.

Ranch Matters Staff

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