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12/05/21, 11:01 AM


Ranch Matters attended State Senator Lynn Findley’s MEET & GREET Event Friday (12/03/21), at the Sandbagger Saloon.

The Event was causal, lasted about an hour and only a few residents attended.

Interestingly, there were no Ranch Officials-Directors or Jefferson County Commissioners in attendance.

Ranch resident and Special Road District (SRD) Commissioner Ann House and Sheriff Marc Heckathorn were the only public officials present.

Sheriff Heckathorn introduced himself and briefly discussed policing issues with the group.


Senator Findley fielded questions and listened to some of his constituents concerns.

Resident Dale Wiley stated he was “Pleased to meet with Senator Findley and be allowed to discuss how citizens feel about the current state of affairs.” Wiley asked the Senator, “What needs to be done to restore Constitutional Freedoms in Oregon?” No Response.

Resident Wiley conveyed his disappointment that so few residents/voters turned out, but quickly added, “It’s hard to compete with a televised football game.”


As an aside, Ranch Matters had an opportunity to personally thank Senator Findley for his assistance involving the release of withheld documents from DPSST regarding the “False/ Unfounded” complaints filed against John Stevens’s private investigators license, his News Service and others by the Ranch Association.

Ranch Matters Staff

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