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8/17/21, 2:56 PM


Last Friday, (8/13/21), Union County Sheriff Cody Bowen wrote Governor Kate Brown chastising her leadership style and mandates. His letter opens by stating: “I write to you today in hopes of opening a dialogue and as a last resort to put you on notice that we the people of Union County, Oregon have had enough!”

Sheriff Bowen goes on: “Enough of your overreaching mandates! Enough of your bullying threats. Enough of you dictating our state by fear…”

Today Ranch Matters had an opportunity to speak with Jefferson County Sheriff Marc Heckathorn about Sheriff Bowen’s letter to the Governor. Sheriff Heckathorn stated: “I agree with the Sheriff of Union County, Sheriff Bowen, on his desire to have some change. I think he’s really frustrated…”

Sheriff Heckathorn is a strong proponent for the reestablishment of local control and said: “Local control-local decision I think are the best way for government to hold their elected people accountable. And so, having that ability of the governor to enact rules for the entire state is causing some conflict…”

Heckathorn is hopeful that people will organize across Oregon’s counties and cities in order to help the governor understand how her mandates are hurting her cause.

Click here for Sheriff Heckathorn’s video statement

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