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4/20/22, 2:56 PM


Massive food & energy shortages are on the rise. Grain and fertilizer shipments are being disrupted. Basic everyday items are becoming scarce.

The national news is starting to report that the food supply system is precarious at best and massive shortages are on the way.

Closer to home and a couple of nights ago, Azure Standard, an international organic and health food distributor, based at of Dufur, Oregon, had a massive fire that destroyed their headquarters.

Today, Ranch Matters spoke with Azure Standard’s CEO David Stelzer from the site of the still smoldering debris.

Mr. Stelzer described the fire as a “major disaster”, but confirmed most of their distribution is done from different locations.

He stated the fire started from the rear of the building and doesn’t believe foul play was involved.

The cause of the fire is under investigation and said he has absolutely had no idea what caused the fire.

See Mr. Stelzer’s brief video statement ATTACHED.

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