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3/18/22, 4:58 PM


On February 7, 2022, the Ranch Board held their monthly Work Session Meeting that was attended by Jefferson County Commissioner Mae Huston. As reported, the meeting was anything but routine.

President Burt opened up a can of worms when he described his and Ranch Manager Judy Lapora’s plans for a new Rodeo Arena Project. After a lively discussion Burt informed the Board: “Along about Wednesday (2/9/22), I’m going to visit Mae (Commissioner Mae Huston) and her cohorts and see if I can talk them into giving us a little support…”

(See 2/7 story & videos for more details)

Burt attended the February 9, Jefferson County Board of Commissioner’s Meeting and for about 15 minutes he pitched the Rodeo Arena Project. As part of his presentation he provided the Commission with an unsigned letter addressed to the County Commissioners, dated February 3rd, reflecting his name as the Ranch President and Judy Lapora’s name as the Ranch Manger.

Their letter dealt with the rodeo arena proposal along with a request for a donation of $10,000. It included the following quote: “Judy Lapora had a conversation with Mae Huston today and Mae enthusiastically supported the idea.”

*NOTE: The above described letter was not mentioned or included in the February 7, Work Session Meeting. Commissioner Huston, as stated above, was also in attendance and made no reference regarding her support.

Burt advised the Commission that the Ranch has “$23,000” available to invest in the promoters rodeo. He added: “We are running a little short of funds to actually pull this off” and asked for a $10,000 donation from the Jefferson County taxpayers.

After Burt completed his presentation, Commissioner Huston moved to donate the $10,000 to Bill and Judy’s rodeo project and the motion passed unanimously.

(See 2/9 story, “It’s all a secret” for video & further details)


Unsurprisingly, Commissioner Huston attended last summers Ranch Annual Meeting held on August 21, 2021. After the meeting adjourned an announcement was made regarding her re- election campaign. She produced a Candidates Signature Sheet/Petition for the May 17, 2022, Primary Election cycle and gathered signatures from many of the Ranch Membership.

Ranch President Bill Burt signed Commissioner Huston’s Petition supporting her re-election along with the following current/former Ranch Directors: Carl Harbour, Judy Gilliland, Richard Ebers, Jerry Cooper, Randy Peterson, Mike Dries and Mark Schneider.



In a letter to the Editor, submitted by Ranch resident Carol Orr and published in the Madras Pioneer on 2/26/20, the Pioneer asked, why is Jefferson County Commissioner (Mae Huston) “sticking (her) nose in CRR business.”

Ms. Orr commented on the title and publication of her letter and stated, great question and added, “I would like to know why Commissioner Huston tends to stick her nose in Ranch business too?”

Ms. Orr’s letter was addressed to the JEFFERSON COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS and opens with: “I am writing to you regarding some concerns I have with Commissioner Mae Huston’s comments to our CRR HOA/BOD and the potential impact it might have on the Commission as whole.”

Orr goes on: “As a member of the CRR HOA, taxpayer, voter and former Ranch Director, I find it disconcerting that Mae Huston attends our board meetings (uninvited she admits) and now telling our Board of Directors how to run our private meetings. In Ms. Huston’s own words, (I was a witness) at the Feb 3 Work Session meeting and after it adjourned, she approached Ranch President Carl Harbour and the rest of the board. She told the board that certain residents’ comments should not be allowed during regular session meetings. She further told the board that these people need to address the board after the meeting is adjourned, as whatever these people are asking is a waste of the board’s time…”

Orr’s letter ends by asking: “What is Huston’s agenda, why is she attending the meetings…


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