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10/01/20, 9:30 AM


Submitted by former Ranch Director Carol Orr

From: Carol

Sent: Monday, September 28, 2020 4:10 PM
To: kelly.simmelink@co.jefferson.or.us; mae.huston@co.jefferson.or.us; wayne.fording@co.jefferson.or.us
Cc: questions.dor@oregon.gov
Subject: Panorama Park Tax Monies




Commissioner Simmelink,

Last Wednesday, 9/23/20, as you know, I addressed the County Board of Commissioners regarding the nasty conditions of Panorama Park in Jefferson County.
I asked the question of exactly how is the $400 a month of our unaccounted TAX DOLLARS being spent. It is certainly not on the maintenance of the kids park. This park looks like an abandoned inner city park.

At our 9/21/20, HOA/BOARD meeting I tried to get some answers from our Ranch Board, specifically President Carl Harbour, Treasurer, Jerry Cooper, and Ranch Manager, Judy Lapora. Harbour referred me to the County, Cooper didn’t see a problem and Lapora is only interested in toilets. I reminded them that this is TAX PAYER FUNDED and it is not unreasonable to ask for an accurate accounting of these funds. I believe its worth mentioning the Board’s position is to do nothing while at the same time disrespecting anyone questioning why the park is such a mess and asking about the expenditures of our tax dollars.

As a former Board Member I was aware of Directors and Officers Responsibilities. The Ranch Treasurer—COOPER, has a duty to oversee the Association finances including a transparent account system. Failure on Cooper’s part and the Board to properly account for these tax dollars is troubling.

I am not sure what your follow up will be on this matter. If you plan to ask Manager Lapora the same questions, I would like to remind you about a year ago Ranch Matters reported on this very subject that included statements from the County Administrator saying he met with or was planning on meeting with Lapora to discuss the maintenance agreement regarding Panorama Park. This issue is not the first time it has been brought to the CRR Board and the County. Why was nothing resolved at that time? How could Lapora not know the details of the agreement and more importantly explain how our tax dollars are being used.

I am growing weary of the constant disrespect and arrogance the Crooked River Ranch Board has for certain members of the Ranch, but l will not quit. I feel it is necessary to point out how important it is that we are not just talking about questionable accounting practices, but additionally, families and kids being able to use/play in a clean and safe park.

I respectfully request the Commission look into this matter to ensure our tax monies are being properly accounted for and the 10 year MOU revisited. The persons responsible are Crooked River Ranch Manager, Judy Lapora, President of the Crooked River Ranch HOA, Carl Harbour, and Treasurer, Director Jerry Cooper of Crooked River Ranch HOA. Please also review this agreement for Breach of Contract issue with regards to Lapora completely ignoring Section B. of the MOU.

Carol Orr
Crooked River Ranch Resident