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Letter to the Editor:”EBERS AND BUTTHEAD”


by Rebecca Anne

We do have our First Amendment Rights, despite Ebers’ statement to the contrary. I thought this heading was quite appropriate:


My husband has participated in some of our board Zoom meetings and as of late, interviewed with Ranch Matters.

I participated in a board meeting not too long after moving here approx 2 years ago.

I had been on Facebook and was reading homeowners’ opinions regarding flag issues. I was very respectful on the Zoom meeting and told the board why I believed everyone was upset. There was much said and not all pretty. My husband and I got done with the meeting and were shocked at all we saw and heard. Soon after, I noticed they disclosed some of my information, along with the summary of what I brought up at the meeting on their public website.

After complaining about it, I was told that it would be removed from the public sites and wouldn’t be shared again. There was no follow-through as I don’t think they thought I was smart enough to read the drafts that are shared to the public on their website. They left my information there and, when caught, said they wouldn’t remove it. They definitely underestimated me and my ability to catch them in their lie. I had also asked for the documents I signed stating they could share my information without my consent. I didn’t receive any documents.

Does that shock anyone? It seems to me that they are in violation of breaching my confidentiality. They tried to say they’ve always done it this way and that it’s public information. That doesn’t matter as they had to locate my file and open it, so they could access and share my information that was also completely irrelevant to the subject. Can a doctors’ office give your full name and address to just anyone because it’s public information? No, they cannot. This is pretty common sense stuff.

It was after those meetings that I started looking into this HOA. So, for the board members who don’t like me (the truth does hurt), please pat yourselves on the back. For those that weren’t on the board then, please give a pat on the back to those that were, as they brought this on themselves. Or perhaps give them a big kick on their backsides. Again, it was and is their behavior that brought this on. If you are too busy, I will be the first to volunteer..for the kick on the backside bit:).

The pat on the back bit is harmless and the kick in the booty…that’s all in fun and if taken otherwise, it would obviously be a board decision…I was just throwing my “volunteer” name in the hat so maybe they and their supporters will leave me alone about not volunteering to help out our board.


So…while my husband was in the Juniper room overseeing this so called “survey count”, it seems our cowardly president had his panties in a bunch (guess he looked pissy and wouldn’t hardly look at my husband until the “count” was over). Kevin said he (pissy prez.) then came over and went after him for the things he’s said (he’s interviewed with RM, spoken on zoom meetings and another news source). Kevin responded by telling him it is their behavior that makes them look guilty. Bad optics. That it seems that they attempt to silence and/or intimidate anyone questioning them, rather than having fact based discussions..

THEN BUTT (Sorry. My phone auto-corrects Bill’s last name to BUTT and I’m tired of correcting it.

Moving forward, he will be addressed as BUTT).

BUTT said that MY comments/posts online were bringing property values down. I’M SO POWERFUL THAT I AM BRINGING PROPERTY VALUES DOWN? HECK, MAYBE I CAN MAKE THE HOA GO AWAY. IF I HAVE THAT MUCH POWER THAT SHOULD BE EASY, RIGHT? OR…is this one pathetic tactic to get my husband and me to shut up? Kevin did respond that it’s their actions that would be causing that to happen and not my comments/posts online (as there would be no reason to post, if not for the board’s behavior). Kevin also went on to say that I’ve done my research and that I have proof to back it up. He also said if I’m wrong to tell me so and provide proof. I’ve also said that.

BUTT also mentioned the “Hit List”, that was part of documents sent to the DPSST, by the Board, that were ordered to be released by the Department of Justice (DOJ), didn’t look real. What the heck does that mean? It was released with the other documents! From all I’ve seen, this HOA doesn’t like anyone who discloses truth and shares the facts.

They had quite the opinion when it came to Ranch Matters. After years of researching and watching their behavior and listening to their own words, I now see clear as day as to why they don’t like Ranch Matters, residents that share facts and… me! Have they not heard the saying “The Truth Hurts”?

I also made a comment on a post regarding Lapora not being at the count, due to possible Covid exposure. I think I made some good points. I’ll post it below as I’m not up to typing it again. I am sick, which Kevin told them at the survey vote count. He said with all I’ve been through and am going through that I’m still quite sharp and, sadly for them, I have a lot of time on my hands to research. I laughed and told my husband that I’ve said that a few times online as well:)

Here is the comment/response I made after my husband came home from the so called survey count. Please know I’m aware of typos and so on. When pro board friends and fans pop off, they can only comment on my not so perfect writing skills. So, sorry for any errors and definitely for any within the “cut and pasted” comment I’ll be posting next. Again, everything I share is based on my research which includes various documents, interviews, emails, video/audio recordings, multiple social platform interactions and more. All are welcome to say I’m wrong..just provide proof please.

This is the comment/response I made responding to someone else on Facebook:

Very interesting… When my husband got back home, I was informed of all that was said and all that went down in the conversations before and after the “count”. To say the least, I was taken aback. You can be sure that I will be sharing some details as I would want to know them as a homeowner out here on the ranch. I still can’t get over the fact that we were supposed to trust any vote count that required votes to be sent via email…especially with our oh so transparent HOA; ranch officials and staff included.

It also seems to me that it’s quite convenient timing to be exposed to Covid. I am referring to Lapora. As a ranch manager, she’s probably exposed everyday. Definitely those of us that like to eat, go to Dr. appts, go to work and some who work (paid employment or voluntary work) are exposed everyday.

I’ve also seen other directors not sitting 6ft apart and without masks at various meetings and I’m sure they are sitting close to one another at club meetings and then meeting again with one another for board gatherings, etc). Also when taking vacations and so forth..all taking part in these scenarios and more would also be exposed to Covid. Do they all think they are Covid resistant in those scenarios? Is Lapora the only one at risk of catching Covid during any of those scenarios or just prior to very serious meetings like this one? This one was a biggie. This is definitely my opinion but putting it all together isn’t rocket science either. Oh, this just came to mind. Can the directors and all who were at the meeting confirm that they were not around Lapora before or after her said exposure to Covid? Wasn’t her assistant working with her and at times next to her? I know I worked closely to my boss when I was an assistant. Unless someone is a psychic and knew of the exposure prior to her being exposed, why would they go ahead with the count thereby exposing all there to Covid? My husband was there and I have cancer. Did they meet him at the door to inform him, and while maintaining the recommended 6ft distance apart from him? Did they call him to let him know prior to entering the Juniper room about the said exposure? Can they guarantee they were not around her, prior to knowing about the said exposure? Everyone can pass it on prior to having symptoms. They are so pro Zoom that this just isn’t sitting right with me. Again, all my opinion, but this seems very convenient in timing for Lapora. It just doesn’t sound quite right. Anyway, I’m putting something together that you all will see soon.

End of comment/response.


There is proof of their lies! Proof of their violations! It is beyond time that they be held accountable! I’m sick of watching the bullying of residents and then their justifying it! They should stop underestimating the homeowners. We aren’t all easily manipulated or intimidated by a group of old (older…again, not age shaming as it’s a fact too).. bullies who are excited to finally sit at the cool kids table. FYI: THOSE WEREN’T THE COOL KIDS!


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