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No, I am not referring to Federal government or local government. I am referring to our very own little HOA governing body or as the sign says, ‘this is a governance community.” Why else would Richard Jensen, Golf react in such a way that he did. Why did he basically see red when Ranch Matters approached him (with permission I remind you all) on the golf course? Why did he become so aggressive so fast without provocation from Ranch Matters? Why all the profanity? And why did he call the police? To this day Jensen and Lapora refuse to drop the trespass issue. Why? By now, I think we all know the answer to those questions. All employees, all Board members (remember I was a Director) are warned of John Stevens and Dave Stangland. I was told by the Manager, that these individuals were dangerous troublemakers. And that she needed to be walked to her car after Board meetings out of fear of these guys. Wow. Of course I believed her at the time. Then a group of concerned residents asked me to attend one of their meetings, which I did as a Director. A photo was taken and was seen by the Board on social media. And they were appalled that I attended this meeting. I told the Board I felt we needed to listen to all Residents, but apparently I was wrong. I was taken to lunch, meetings etc. as members of the Board tried to convince me to stop associating with this group. I did not heed their dire warnings. What happened? Life for me was never the same on the Board. I was on the “wrong side” the Board said. After getting to know Stevens and Stangland and group, I found them not to resemble anything I was told. They are reporters, very smart, know the business and are more concerned about ranch matters than our actual Board members seem to be. The Board and Judy Lapora now need to swallow their pride and drop the trespass issue. If any of you would like to voice your concerns to the Board regarding this overreach start with Judy.lapora@crookedriverranch.com and/or carl.harbour@crookedriverranch.com And why does the Manager and Board continue such over reaches, because THEY CAN. And we just stand by and let them.

Carl Orr

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