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Letter to the Editor

By Rebecca Anne


This is all my opinion based on the research I’ve done. That includes reading documents, listening to meetings, interviews and so on. It also includes direct interactions via Facebook and nextdoor along with reading interactions between homeowners (including interactions between homeowners and those within the HOA). Lets not forget posts and comments from directors, committee members and so on. If I am wrong, please let me know. I just ask for proof that I am. I will be sharing the screenshot of Stagls nextdoor post. I added a comment that the site wouldn’t post. Which is odd as some of my posts get deleted as well…but my posts on nextdoor were about a Director and I did attach the messages. As a homeowner, I would want to know what is happening within our community. So, I’ll share here as Ranch Matters doesn’t seem to share an agenda some other platforms seem to. So I’m thankful RM leaves my posts and comments up. Believe it or not, I’m not loved by everyone out here

This is about our HOA but I needed to mention what I just saw on NEXTDOOR. I noticed that a COMMITTEE MEMBER (STAGL) made quite the post on NextDoor, yet I’m unable to read any comments or post one there. So I’m going to do that here as it is my Constitutional right to do so.

It’s a long post but I feel many good points are made. My views and opinions are entirely based on research and what is happening in front of my/our faces. I do have my First Amendment Rights and have chosen to use them today.

I apologize for using a bad word but Donkey seems too long. I also felt bad connecting a Donkey to this board/ranch officials and so on.


WE’LL REMOVE OURS WHEN HE REMOVES HIS “LET IT BURN” flag that I thought I saw him flying somewhere (I can only go off of a couple of photos I found Of him..I may be wrong). Soon, we will be giving away large but very special bumper stickers. Has anyone seen the one w/ the little boy going potty on just about anything? I thought it would be cute to have him peeing on the word Stagl…or peeing on the letters “H,O and A”.

I don’t think it’s bad as it can be seen as promoting our HOA. Just ask my promoter, insurance agent and/or attorney. Heck, you all lost your Constitutional rights when you moved here, remember? Just ask Ebers. So it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks. However, I’m still deciding on the bumper sticker design. This crap really never ends…They are seriously going after our vehicles now??? TRY ME! Let’s not forget he described a vehicle while also announcing the CCR violation. I’m pretty sure he is a CCR committee member who resigned after his let it burn incident…and the board wouldn’t accept it. That’s the behavior the board finds acceptable/commendable. Now he’s announcing homeowner CCR violations on public platforms? That doesn’t sound right to me.

It seems he’s also the speeding police.

He called out the truck with the flag as being a truck others have seen speeding before. Question; as a CCR committee member, can he announce to all, any homeowner violations? Pretty sure that’s confidential information. He described the vehicle as well. Just so he’s aware, many of those complaining about speeders are actually the impeders! Keep that in mind as those driving 10 below are just as much a danger on the road as those going over…if not more. FYI It seems he deleted his post. I do have a screenshot though.


Another example of a flat out LIE from our BOD…from PRES. BURT! When will they be held accountable? We have now seen yet another lie that no one can deny and it is again concerning a very serious situation that could very well come down on all of us! The concerns about the panels in the boneyard that cost how much and cannot be used safely for a rodeo have not even been acknowledged by our board! Did the HOA’s insurance company and attorney know about those panels? That doesn’t sound like accurate or legal advice if they did. Should we all notify the insurance agent about our concerns and perhaps forward the pictures? Maybe forward the zoom meeting and the lie about the vote oversight. I’m not sure how any insurance company can vouch for a business, individual or non profit after receipt of such information. I remember hearing and/reading something along the lines that our insurance agent looked at the insurance info provided by the rodeo promoter and was satisfied with it. Anyone can correct me if I’m wrong. Would he still be ok after seeing the warning on the panels? Would our BOD and ranch officials tell him? If they didn’t, is that not insurance fraud? If they don’t, who will? If they say they did or will.

I would demand proof.

We have the right to protect ourselves and our property. It seems as though more and more lies are coming to light. This is an HOA in Terrebonne, not the freaking white house. Going back to this is a freaking HOA. They are not allowed to lie to any homeowner in this community. It most definitely is not nor was it in the paperwork we signed upon purchasing here!


Any other director or official who is aware of ANY LIE OR DECEIT to any homeowner here should NOT be able to keep their seat within this hoa either!


The board, ranch officials, their family and friends along with those whose heads are in the sand can sugar coat or believe what they will but it does not eliminate any risk we homeowners will be forced to assume due to this rodeo project. The actions and lack thereof from the BOD and ranch officials does not take away the very valid concerns and fears as to what we could be liable for and not even know about as homeowners. They have lied and are now so brazen as to lie smack dab in front of our faces..literally..and on zoom.

They believe themselves to be invincible.

All those that tell me or anyone else to run for the board if we aren’t happy…or move…they can stick it. Look at Jeff Parcel and how he was spoken to and by whom…a director (good ol’ boy Ebers..who also lies…many read his posts and private messages to me from the Nextdoor app).

Jeff Parcel isn’t into ass kissing and stands firm on his views (most notably transparency, which I’m sure scared the he** out of the current board) and isn’t intimidated by these bullies on the board (ranch officials, staff and committee members included).

Julia Randall said she was going to work on getting the board to respect homeowners…how is that going Julia? The only thing I’ve heard from Randall are crickets and smelled is smoke. Then I heard she was a Realtor. This is a side note, but I question whether or not that may be a conflict of interest. I thought as a Realtor, you are to disclose certain information to the other party of a transaction…an active Realtor sitting on the board would definitely know information others may not. Some information that Realtors would be required to disclose. How would anyone know? They would also know information and have leads that other Realtors would not. I don’t know for certain, but it may be something worth asking about and perhaps looking into.

Back to the “go run for the board topic”. If your agenda isn’t their agenda, if you don’t shut up when they say shut up, or laugh when their BOD laugh sign lights up on Zoom meetings, you can kiss any shot of getting on the board goodbye. Also, lets not overlook an interesting observation. Again, I might be wrong, but if I am it’s by just a sliver. I would normally say that the actions of this HOA are similar to those of insane asylum escapees. As much as I see why some could use that analogy, I believe this to be more appropriate:

“Who the hell left the fences at the zoo open?” To be more specific, “Who let the freaking lions out?” Pun definitely intended.

Perhaps they were using similar panels to the ones we paid for that are sitting in the boneyard. Let us not forget that obviously fair nominating committee. If that isn’t the cherry on top of the cake I don’t know what is. And those that tell me to move. YOU MOVE! We moved here to enjoy this beautiful community.

We did not move here to have a

group of old, angry, bored, power tripping, desperate to be liked and accepted curmudgeons,

who want to spend my money as they wish and to run other hard working human beings, many who are retired and on fixed incomes out of this community.

And only to get run out because of the ever increasing dues and very potential future lawsuits all on behalf of your honest and trustworthy board of Directors and ranch officials…all because of our HOA. I’ll end it with a line from a popular song. I think I mixed up the animal though –

“Who let the lions out? rawr! rawr!”

Oh…how does one sign up for the Lions Club? Asking for a friend

Again, please read above about this all being my opinion.

Rebecca Anne

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