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2-13-22 1:50PM


By Maitland Ward

My name is Maitland Ward.

In 1973 My father Robert, Bob Lord and Bill McPherson spent months creating CRR as a place where retired people could live affordably and be left alone.. I repeat.,”Live affordably and be left alone”. I staked out my lot (#3 in plots and records at Madras) and probably did yours as well.

About once every 10 years I get “The Call”, meaning someone is doing something incredibly stupid that I need to be aware of. Today I got that call regarding the Rodeo project, and I am choosing my words carefully.

How in the hell did this board manage to ram thru a Rodeo project without my notification, cost analysis, formal proposal, or even a vote? And more importantly, why is an Association even getting into this business? I’ll bet not one of you has told the Ranch residents about the true costs, insurance, staffing, fee increases, infrastructure improvements, County oversight, increased taxes and the myriad of other potential disasters that the residents WILL be stuck with?

For the past 45 years I’ve outlived all manner of hustlers and control freaks coming from Seattle, Portland and California like clockwork, trying to make the Ranch something it’s not. And every time they leave the residents with property liens with a bag of s**t to clean up. We have had enough. This ranch was established for people to get away from that.

In closing, may I direct this to the Board.

Your job is to keep the systems running and the grass cut. Not turn this place into Vail. When your own paper promotes neighbors helping neighbors to pay their overdue association fees, then you’ve got more pressing problems.


Maitland Ward

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