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LAW OFFICE FIRE-UpDate-9/16/21

9/16/21, 1:43 PM


Madras, Oregon

Last week, Ranch Matters attended Troy Patrick’s Status Hearing in Jefferson County. As we reported, Mr. Patrick was scheduled to appear via Video Link from the Wasco County Jail.

We were there-Patrick wasn’t.

Troy Patrick

Patrick declined to appear and refused to communicate with his defense attorney and Judge Annette Hillman rescheduled another Status Hearing for October 7, 2021.


On February 25, 2021, Troy Patrick, of Antelope Oregon was Indicted by the Jefferson County Grand Jury on “2 counts of arson” for the May 25, 2019, arson fire at the law firm offices of Madras attorneys Glenn, Reeder & Gassner.

Photo Courtesy of Robert Berg

Patrick has been incarcerated since November 2020 at the Wasco County Jail in The Dallas involving unrelated charges.


According to Grand Jury Witness Katie Garrett, Troy Patrick is a “special friend” that communicates with her from the Wasco County Jail. This week Patrick told Garrett that he did not participate in last weeks Status Hearing because he “doesn’t trust his attorney.”

Katie Garrett

Ms. Garrett agreed to be interviewed and sat down with us yesterday regarding her contacts with Troy Patrick and her thoughts about the Oregon Department of Justice investigation (DOJ).

She confirmed Troy Patrick is not cooperating with his attorney because he has “no faith in his representation.” Additionally, Garrett stated Patrick implicated-“named some other parties, that he said, possibly had involvement…” She also confirmed Patrick has been offered a Deal if he names other parties.


Garrett stated for the record, “I had nothing to do with this fire, no involvement what so ever with this fire, however, I have been contacted by the DOJ in regards to making a Deal…”

Garrett has been offered a Deal for her cooperation with the DOJ regarding 9 pending charges, unrelated to the arson fire in Jefferson County. She has been asked to provide information in exchange for the Deal.

We asked Garrett if she has any information of interest and she stated: “I do believe, I have information…” She did not want to elaborate over safety concerns. She also confirmed talking briefly with Collin Benson from the DOJ.

Garrett stated she has identified “several motives” involved but declined to discuss them at this time.

She believes the “community deserves some answers” and added the case has been “muddled” from the beginning.

As aside, Ms. Garrett said that her former attorney, John L. Susac with the 22nd Circuit Defenders withdrew from her case on April 15th due to the DOJ’s investigation.

Click Here for Katie Garrett’s Video Interview

Ranch Matters Staff