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5/19/22, 3:23 PM


On April 27, 2022, The Ranch Board of Directors held a Special Meeting, in person, to select a new Ranch Director to replace recently resigned Director Jerry Cooper.

As reported in our April 29 story, “ASSHOLES & LUNATICS”, Ms. Sheryl Jones was appointed as Cooper’s replacement.

At last Monday’s (5/16/22), Regular Board (ZOOM) Meeting, Ms. Jones read her oath of office.



According to Ms. Jones Candidate’s Statement, she has “been a property owner on the ranch since 2017 and my son and I have been full time residents since 2021. I also am a member of the CRR Lions club and Friends and Neighbors of the Deschutes Canyon Area (FANS)…”

She goes on to explain the importance of focusing on clear communication channels with the Ranch residents that includes the utilization of social media groups “as a great way to stay connected to our community.” “I would take an open approach to being in the know. I would keep an open line of communication to all members about HOA guidelines by being available to members asking questions and acknowledge any areas of confusion.”

Jones ends on the following note, “Maintaining the livability of Crooked River Ranch with its rural and scenic character is an honor and a privilege and I look forward to earning your trust, helping all voices to be heard and to serve my home and community here on Crooked River Ranch.”

Ranch Matters Staff