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Jefferson County Veteran’s Service Officer:PRESS RELEASE

10/10/22, 5:31 PM


FROM: Jefferson County (JC) Laura Moore, Lead Veteran’s Service Officer

Wellness Wednesday Financial Education October 19, 2022

It’s Your Estate, Are You in Control?

Estate planning is not just about taxes and how to reduce them. In this session we will discuss that it’s also about making sure that your assets are distributed as you wish and to whom you wish.

The class will cover important topics, like these:

* Importance of estate planning

* How assets are transferred at death

* Legal documents

* And more

Date: October 19, 2022

Time: Noon and 3 p.m. Eastern (9:00am and Noon Pacific Time)

To register visit, https://www.cvent.com/…/a66e4100-024f-4394-b9c8…


Laura Moore

Lead Veterans’ Service Officer



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