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Jefferson County Sheriffs Office- Press Release

9/24/21   5:43 PM

Jefferson County Sheriffs Office- Press Release


There was some concern as to whether or not the Governors vaccine mandate applied to my county corrections staff and today it was determine the mandate for COVID-19 vaccinations ordered by Governor Brown do NOT apply to any of my corrections deputies in Jefferson County.

The information below was provided by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) today and is a direct result of the input provided by the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association (OSSA) and local Sheriffs across Oregon. OSSA and Sheriffs provided job information, expertise, and technical assistance to OHA and this interpretation today likely would not have happened without everyone’s help and support.

OHA released two weeks ago the determination that Patrol Deputies and Police Officers (not Troopers) fell outside the mandate as well. For the men and women of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office vaccines will continue to be a personal choice based on each person’s own individual choice.

Sheriff Marc Heckathorn.

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