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4/23/20, 6:03 PM

Simmelink Report

Jefferson County Commissioner/Chair, Kelly Simmelink sat down with Ranch Matters today and provided an exclusive COVID-19 Report.

Simmelink stated these are “trying times” and the County Commission is “navigating a lot of things, public health wise including economic recovery.”

He confirmed working collaboratively with the State, Tri-County Commissioners, Public Health Departments and other County Commissioners throughout the State. Simmelink provided us a copy of a letter addressed to Governor Brown, dated April 13, 2020, authored by Eastern Oregon Counties Association, voicing their concerns.

Simmelink said there’s a recently formed Task Force, addressing individual industries and continued, “if you own a business in Central Oregon, Crooked River Ranch, anywhere in Jefferson County, he would like to have you, send your plan for reopening…”


The Madras/Jefferson County Chamber is acting as the clearing-house and all of the plans will be reviewed and forwarded to the appropriate person(s) in the Governors Office.


Simmelink confirmed our local governments has over a million dollars in economic relief, via grants and loans.

He wants his constituents to know that “Public Health wise, we’re in a real good place-a really good place…”


Simmelink ended by saying “My door is always open and call us if there’s anything we can help you with.”



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