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5/01/20, 4:11 PM


Simmelink Report

We met again today with Jefferson County Commissioner/Chair, Kelly Simmelink, regarding the 40th day of Governor Brown’s Executive Order/LockDown.

In last weeks report, Simmelink was upbeat and encouraged about what he was hearing from State Officials. Today, Simmelink’s mood was more somber, less optimistic. He’s frustrated with the lack of communication between the State and County, as well as the lack of clarity.

Simmelink stated there are now “10” confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Jefferson County.


Simmelink said he’s hearing from many concerned constituents and a common question he’s being asked, WHAT CAN WE DO?

His Answer: “Provide us (Commissioners) with thoughtful and constructive input/information that we can take to the Governor.” He also suggested ‘stay positive and email the Governor.”

Simmelink was watching the Governor’s YouTube Press Briefing this morning while we were present and commented there was nothing really new to report and stated there will be another briefing with the Governor later today and he might have more to add.

Ranch Matters Staff

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