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10/14/22, 6:23 PM




Last night’s (10/13/22), Commissioner Forum was sponsored by the Madras/Jefferson County Chamber and held at the Jefferson County Community Center.


Commissioner (Incumbent) Mae Huston and her challenger, Mark Wunsch answered a series of questions prepared in advance, as well as questions from the floor/attendees.



Joe Krenowicz, the Chamber’s Executive Director, moderated the 75 minute event.
After introductions/opening statements the candidates answered alternating questions followed by their closing remarks.




An interesting question: “How would you deal with large boisterous crowd against a county decision, upcoming decision or project after numerous commission meetings, work shops, open house invitations and media information campaigns?”

Huston said it hasn’t been a problem yet and admitted it takes a lot of work to communicate with people-to get them to see a point.

Wunsch stated, “Everyone’s voice needs to be heard…” He complimented the way the Jefferson County Planning Commission recently handled a zoning/subdivision discussion on Crooked River Ranch that included some opposing opinions from concerned residents.

Wunsch was impressed with how the commissioners sat there and listened to the residents and agreed to return later to continue to hear from the residents. Wunsch added, “If there are more opinions, let’s talk it out and until we can figure out a good game plan. Everyone’s voice should be heard regardless of how long it takes….”


The candidates were asked about the salary for a commissioner and Huston said they’re paid about 40K per year for 20 hours per week and Wunsch stated his pay has been zero for the last 8-9 months.


The candidates were also asked about their leadership style and Wunsch stated: “I like to lead by example. Boots on the ground-dirty hands and someone that people can look up to and see a direction…”.

Huston stated: “My style is to work hard and work a lot of hours and that
sets an example…”


Commissioner Huston closed by saying in part that she works for the citizens-taxpayers and she considers every Jefferson County taxpayer her boss because they pay her salary. She believes her life and commission experiences make her the clear choice.


Challenger Wunsch’s is asking the voters to look to the future, a new future by voting for him on November 8th. He feels his passion and willingness to do whatever it takes is exactly what the voters need with the tough times facing all of us.


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