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9/26/18, 8:38 PM

Meeting started at 6:07 PM and ended at approximately 7:35 PM.

Good meeting with lots of audience input.

Bob Townsend from ODOT, provided a brief update regarding US 97: Terrebonne/Lower Bridge Way Improvements.

Sheriff Jim Adkins explained the Jail Levy Proposal along with the consequences if it fails in November.

Diana Monteith discussed a proposal for a fenced dog park within Panorama Park.

She asking the County Commissioners for approval.

Estimated cost: “8K-10K.”

Exploring Funding Options.

Commissioner Fording stated the County will be “more than happy to make it work…”

Ranch Manager Judy Lapora, spoke on behalf of Ranch President, Carl Harbour concerning CC&R ‘s and Code Enforcement.

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