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7/01/20, 1:41 PM

Commission Chair, Kelly Simmelink followed the attached Agenda


Some Highlights:

Public Health Director, Michael Baker provided a detailed COVID-19 UPDATE for the Commission that included yesterday’s (6/30/20), handout, provided by the Oregon Health Authority regarding: “Statewide Mask, Face Shield, Face Covering Guidance.”
See Attached

The Commission approved $150K for COVID-19 Lab Testing and discussed Contact Tracking issues…
See Video Snippets Attached


According to Health Director Baker, there are “112” confirmed Covid Cases in Jefferson County with “64” recoveries. He explained how the cases are tracked via Zip Code and as of today there are “less than 9 cases in the 97760 Zip Code that includes Crooked River Ranch.”


At approximately 10:00 AM the Commission adjourned to Executive Session-See Agenda for details.


Prior to Executive Session, Commission Chair Simmelink read the following statement: “Representatives of the media and designated staff shall be allowed to attend the executive session. All other members of the public are asked to leave the room. Representatives of the news media are specifically directed not to report on any of the deliberations during executive session, except to state the statutory section and the purpose of the executive session. SPECIFICALLY, the news media is restricted to reporting that…”

Ranch Matters was allowed to attend the executive session meeting after County Administrator, Jeff Rasmussen, asked, a series of questions confirming our news status.

He asked the Commission if they had any objections and there was no opposition.

The meeting reconvened at 10:30 AM for about 10 minutes and at 11:00 AM the Commissioners conducted an inspection at the Jefferson County Jail.

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