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2/9/2022, 6:00 PM


Last Monday (2/7/22), the Ranch Board held their monthly Work Session Meeting and as we reported, it was anything but routine.

(SEE 2/7 story & videos for more details)


While President Bill Burt described his plans for a Rodeo Arena Project, Director Julia Randall weighed in. Randall stated: “Bill, I have a long list of pros and cons-I don’t know if you got that from me?” Burt responded: I did and got them at the last minute and I’ll go over those with you after the meeting.” Randall persisted and stated: “I would like to go over them with everybody.” Director Randall then proceeded to read from her list and started off with: “My initial reaction is that we are being asked to make a rush decision on a very expensive and long term project and I can’t help say, whoa, there’s a lot to consider.” Randall stressed her concerns involving contractual and financial issues.

Burt replied: “We need to get the initial contract worked out and we need a commitment from him (unidentified promoter) as well…” Burt further stated: “We haven’t voted to doing this rodeo change, so let’s get that done and then we can fix these things.”

Director Randall retorted: “I’m not at all willing to approve little bits and pieces-I need to look at the whole picture.” “The cart and the horse need to come together.”

Burt responded: “I’ll be working with Judy (Manager Lapora) to see if we can’t work out a decent contract, with the (unidentified) promoter that takes into account the things that have been brought up.”

Director Jerry Cooper asked Burt: “Who’s negotiating the contract besides yourself?” Burt answered: “Probably Judy and I and that’s going to be it.” Randall inserted: “With attorneys too?” Burt stated: “We can probably run it by Bruce” (Ranch attorney Bruce Lepore).

Cooper added: “I think that would be a good idea.”

Burt informed the Board: “Along about Wednesday (2/9/22), I’m going to visit Mae (Jefferson County Commissioner Mae Huston) and her cohorts and see if I can talk them into giving us a little support…” “The money we have available will do the rodeo this year, but with a little extra help we can finish the rodeo arena this year.”

Note: Commissioner Huston attended Mondays meeting.

This morning Ranch Matters attended the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners Meeting and the AGENDA included the following: “9:15 a.m. – Crooked River Ranch Home Owner’s Association Transient Room Tax.”


As scheduled, President Burt visited Mae and her cohorts as promised.

For about 15 minutes he pitched the rodeo arena “endeavor” by initially providing some background information on last years rodeo. He explained why the rodeo needs moved to the “lower pasture” area along with the costs and logistics involved.

Burt provided the Commission with an unsigned letter, a couple of maps and a handwritten drawing of the proposed rodeo area facility as part of his presentation.

Obtained copies after the presentation


Burt told the Commissioners and apparently according to the promoter: “If you move this thing, over there and give me 5 years guaranteed, for the first weekend of June-rodeo, I’ll do all of the dirt work…”

Burt advised the Commission that the Ranch has “$23,000” available to invest in the promoters project. He added: “We are running a little short of funds to actually pull this off” and asked for a $10,000 donation. “We can’t afford the whole shooting match.”

Interestingly, Burt confirmed they’re giving the promoter what he wanted-a 5 year contract. He stated: “We can do the basics, but like I said, WE’RE GOING TO LET HIM HAVE A 5 YEAR CONTRACT TO RECOUP HIS FUNDS…”


After Burt completed his pitch, Commissioner Huston moved to donate the $10,000 and the motion passed unanimously.

Burt was asked to keep the Commission updated and he responded in jest: “Naw, It’s ALL A SECRET.”

As stated above, Director Randall voiced her concerns regarding Burt’s rush to get this arena moved. She stressed her concerns over the contract negotiating process and asked for the involvement of an attorney to protect the interests of the homeowners.

At Monday’s meeting Burt clearly stated that the contract issues were unresolved and required more work. However, at today’s meeting he’s telling the Commission the contract is a done deal.

Burt didn’t want to discuss Directors Randall’s concerns at Monday’s meeting in the open. The Meeting Packet excluded the Rodeo Arena Project details-costs, legal issues…

Burt and Judy are the sole negotiators with some unidentified promoter and seemingly did not want to obtain the counsel of an attorney for a contract that potentially has long term ramifications.

Was Burt just jesting when he said: “Naw, it’s all secret” or was he telling the truth?

Ranch Matters Staff

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