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02/18/24, 5:02 PM



The Budget Audit Committee (BAC) held a quick meeting last Wednesday, (02/14/24) in the Juniper Room. BAC Chair Herb Parker was the facilitator.

With little fanfare they approved raising the Dues $20.00, the Operating Budget and the CRP. The Ranch Board of Directors (BOD) still must “adopt” the above.

There was NO NOTICE published on any of the Ranch communication platforms and the meeting was available via Zoom for only



More about that later.

President Kari Vickery, Directors Sarah Woolverton and Sheryl Jones attended via Zoom.

Directors Mike Dries, Kelly Davis and Bob Beveridge attended in person.


Prior to starting the meeting, Chair Parker responded to our story “DOG & PONY SHOW”, which was published a couple of days earlier. However, his comments failed to explain to his colleagues that he was responding to a News Report on Ranch Matters.

Parker’s opening remarks: “Before we start, I want to address something. I don’t know if you noticed some of the stuff on Facebook recently that’s been posted. Somebody wants to make a big deal about-because I discussed something about being a ‘Dog and Pony Show.’ Obviously, somebody doesn’t have the same meaning of a ‘dog and pony show’ that I do….”

Parker: “A Dog and Pony Show is something that is not a formal presentation its more of bringing it down to a level that people can understand.”



“An elaborate presentation that lacks any imaginations or originality, and is intended to impress an audience of rubes or halfwits.”

Urban Dictionary


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After back-peddling his “dog and pony show” remarks he publicly made last October, Parker switched gears and defended his lack of financial expertise comments and referred to the subject story “as a bunch of lies.”

He was asked to identify the publisher of said lies, but refused.

Director Kelly Davis commented that things were taken “way out of context” while Ranch Manager Judy Lapora had a good time laughing.


Parker asked his BAC colleagues for a “vote of confidence.” He stated: “Do you want me to stay on or get the HELL OUT”. They wanted him to stay.

NOTE: Parker refers to some of our story content “as a bunch of lies”, but to date hasn’t demanded a RETRACTION or CORRECTION? We’re waiting.


Additionally, it’s noteworthy that the BAC members accepted his version without requesting any clarification or details.


Parker discussed the BAC calendar confirming the February 7th meeting was postponed due to some “calculations errors” and moved to February 14th. Again, it’s noteworthy, there was No Notice published on any of the Ranch communication platforms for the membership.


As stated earlier, with little fanfare the Operating Budget, CRP and Dues Increase were approved. Further, Parker confirmed working with Manager Lapora for “13 years” on the Ranch budgeting process, “prudently.”

Parker explained how the $20.00 Dues Increase requires the CRR/BOD adoption and asked President Kari Vickery: “Are you listening Kari?” Kari: “Yes I am.” Parker: “Does it makes sense to you?” Kari: “Yes it does.” Parker: “Happy Valentine’s Day, Kari.”


Before concluding the meeting the Committee discussed the process and timing issues involved by the Ranch Administration and the BOD to finalize the Budget.


Director Davis commented: “So, for the Board Members here are you okay going over the three documents for the first reading on February 19th?”

“Anybody have any objections to that?” Kari responded.

As Parker signed off he explained which Directors in attendance are part of the BAC process and Lapora referred to the Directors in attendance, supposedly not a part of the BAC process, as “INTERESTED PARTIES.”

Interested Parties”: President Kari Vickery, Directors Sarah Woolverton and Mike Dries.

“Interested Party”, Kari Vickery was allowed to participate and asked about a Transfer Fee Increase.

Lapora: “I did increase the Transfer Fee amount, but not as much as Ara (Director Ara Erdekian) wanted.”

Parker added, “If we’re going to change that, that’s going to change the bottom line.” Vickery: “Correct, correct, so I’ve reached out to him (Director Erdekian) actually and I haven’t heard back from him, yet-I will get that information over to Judy.”


Before adjourning, Ranch Matters (RM) asked Parker if the meeting was a combined BAC/BOD meeting and he explained that it wasn’t. He identified the BAC Members from “Interested Parties.” He defined an “Interested Party” as a “Homeowner.”

RM commented on how some of the “Interested Parties” were allowed to participate and others were not.

Director Kelly Davis responded: “I was asking them questions because we were talking about the schedule and what’s done and they are part of the Board.”


RM also asked why the BAC meeting wasn’t published on the Ranch website and they stated it was.

Not true,

it wasn’t published on the website or anywhere else.


Lapora’s response: “I was gone last week, so it might not gotten on there.” She added, committee meetings “aren’t the same as board meetings” and confirmed they aren’t required to post the meeting announcement.


Parker: “I think it was in the last news letter-Telegraph.”

Not true,

it wasn’t published in the Telegraph.


RM mentioned that the BAC meeting was broadcasted via Zoom with restricted viewership. How did President Vickery and Director Woolverton obtain the access code for the Zoom meeting and why wasn’t Zoom made available for the homeowners?


Lapora responded: “We only did that at the last minute because Director Jones couldn’t be here.”


The BAC along with some of the “Interested Parties” discussed Association business and no notice was issued for the membership. The “Interested Parties” were afforded special treatment and accommodations.


Interested Party, Mike Dries sat at a specially positioned table up front and provided a copy of the Draft Budget.

Parker’s Committee operates much like a Star Chamber. Avoid the light and operate in the dark.




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