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10/19/22, 1:24 PM


Today Jefferson County Sheriff, Jason Pollock provided Crooked River Ranch a couple of inmates to help clear the South Pasture of rocks, old tires, debris and irrigation stands.

L-R Jansen Harrington, Deputy Rathmanner & Thomas Leclaire


The inmates were furnished as part of the “Inmate Work Crew program.”

Correction Deputy Rathmanner was the assigned supervising deputy and he told Ranch Matters: “This program is a great opportunity to get the inmates-“Adults In Custody” to get outside, get fresh air and help the local community.” Rathmanner added: “It’s also very beneficial for the inmates mentally.”

Inmate Jansen Harrington affirmed Deputy Rathmanner’s comment and said he likes to get out and help the community.

Ranch VP Ara Erdekian, one of the project coordinators stated: “I’m so happy to see Jefferson County working with the Ranch and he hopes they-the County, see the Association is willing to put in the sweat equity.”

Director Mike Dries commented: “The inmates are doing a great job” and welcomed the help.

Volunteers helped look for rocks, flag locations, operate the equipment and generally assist in debris removal.

As an aside, if you are in need of a job, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is looking for an Inmate Work Crew Coordinator/Filed Law Enforcement Technician with a salary range of $54,037.44-$68,653.44 Annually.

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