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Informational post-SRD

Informational post .



The SRD apron project is nearing completion. There have been concerns expressed about some debris being left at the apron installation sites.

This is normal in a construction process and the contractor still has the side ballast to install. They need to be able to perform the tasks in a linear and efficient manner.

The previous SRD Board tasked Jordan Jones, HOA Road Supervisor with project managing the installation of the aprons which should include verification’s of amounts and measurements.

When the SRD Board is returned to full quorum membership after Jefferson County appoints 2 new members at its August 9 meeting, I will encourage the Directors to do an inspection confirming Jordan’s project management activities and approving the project for payment.

After the SRD Board is restored to a full operating compliment of members, I intend to introduce several motions and resolutions that will establish a Capital Project Improvement plan, one that will require the SRD hire a part time contract administrator through Special Districts of Oregon resources, one that will require the SRD to use certified engineers for all design and construction projects, and one that will require the SRD to use a contract project manager on all public works funded projects who is at least a licensed general contractor minimum.

This will no doubt cause consternation among the residents, but it is my opinion it is important that even a small tax district still administrate itself properly and transparently.

As the only current SRD Board member I can not really conduct business or really even speak for the SRD, so the above comments are mine personally and not of the Crooked River Ranch Special Roads District.


Dale Wiley

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