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JULY 4, 2022, 8:22 AM


Two weeks ago today, at our June 20th Board of Directors Meeting, President Bill Burt and the Board dealt with two competing agenda items.
The first item dealt with the Directors discussing Independence Day events scheduled for the Ranch. Their discussion covered parades, food and entertainment, but failed to mention their plans to suppress the Independence-Freedoms of the Ranch homeowners.


What they didn’t want to discuss openly, were their plans to sneak into Executive Session so they could discuss behind closed doors 3 draconian/retaliatory Resolutions that they unanimously passed further restricting the rights of the homeowners on and OFF the Ranch. So, while promoting Independence Day events on the Ranch, at the same time they were plotting too curtail homeowners independence.

246 years ago, the American colonist had their belly full of King George and his draconian ways. As the colonist became aware of his plans to further restrict their freedoms they fought back. George declared the colonist “in a state or open and  avowed rebellion and the American Revolution kicked into high gear.
There’s another open rebellion fomenting on the Ranch, but rather than King George attacking the colonists we have President Burt and his Directors ruling by punitive resolutions.

FREEDOM-Don’t Take It For Granted!
Happy 4th!

Ranch Matters Staff

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