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By Carol Orr
This post is for all of those who say they never read Ranch Matters, but really do and then report back to the Powers that Be; THIS ONE’S FOR YOU.
I will be referring to the “Spies Like Us” posted by Ranch Matters, June 1. I am assuming that you are well aware of Judy Lapora’s paranoia and obsession with a few persons, especially Stangland and Stevens. I have been added to that group of “spies” that can’t be trusted. Having the Juniper Room checked for “bugs” x2 is undeniably crazy and a waste of employees time and our money. (I JUST RECEIVED MY HOA DUE’S BILL) .

This is being reported by reliable sources whom I choose to believe. This person has nothing to lose, as Lapora has fired him, essentially her fall guy. Steve Swigert was fired according to Lapora for the Bocci Ball disaster. I believe there are other dubious reasons for Steve being Judy’s fall guy.

My question to you, have you asked Judy L. if any of this is true. Is her answer denial? If you are not doing your due diligence then you are enabling her behavior. Ask her this, why as Ranch Manager does she never take responsibility of happenings under her watch.

Her latest fall guy is Matt Stubbs, the non IT guy. According to Lapora, he was hired by a Board years ago, (notice the pattern of not responsible) and she, Lapora is not sure if Matt is bonded, has insurance or was even vetted properly. How in the world did the Ranch’s insurance cover the hack, given Matt’s non credentials. Look at snippet, June 1 Board meeting, “Getting Caught With our Pants Down”). This is the most enlightened remarks I have heard from President Harbour.

I suggest that you suggest of Judy L. that she stops obsessing on her paranoia and start doing the really important work. You would think if Lapora was aware of Matt’s shortcomings, why didn’t she make changes and hire a real IT person to do the job? Instead it is costing us money to correct the hack. Maybe she is too busy watching out for her own back.
To those of you who already know what is actually going on and allow this to continue, I am speechless. But now that all others have been enlightened, what will you do with this information? Ask the BOLD questions of Judy and demand answers.

Current Board members, you are HER BOSS. When are you all going to do your due diligence? Ask her why all the paranoia and investment in expensive new surveillance equipment if there is nothing to hide?
There are questions to be asked and answers to be demanded of our Management. Start doing the job we elected you to do. FAIR AND HONEST QUESTIONS SHOULD BE WELCOME.

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