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2/06/19, 12:02 PM

Bend resident, Shantel Lynn Witt, 42, charged with manslaughter and DUII, is currently on trial in Deschutes County for hitting and killing cyclist Doctor Marika Stone in December 2017, while driving impaired.

Deschutes County Circuit Court Judge Michael Adler heard closing arguments in a packed courtroom-standing room only, this morning and indicated a decision will be made Friday morning at 10:00 AM.

The Deputy District Attorney made a compelling argument regarding Ms. Witt’s extreme indifference regarding the value of human life.


Defense Attorney Bryan Donahue-Left, departing Court House.
Note: Donahue asked Ranch Matters if we had permission to video him.


He pointed out that Ms. Witt never showed any concern for the victim nor asked about the victim, but did say, “I’m going to hell.”

Ranch Matters Staff

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