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By Carol Orr

President Harbour is targeting “small groups & individuals” whom he has labeled “detriments”, telling the Board to cease and desist engaging or acknowledging them. AND WHO IS ON THIS “LIST”. Only the select few know. The following sent to Harbour by myself.


President Harbour,
In looking over your Saturday 8/17 President’s Message, I found this very interesting.

“The (Directors) work very hard to watch over the entire Ranch and avoid reacting to individuals or small groups who try to work their agendas to the detriment of the entire community.”

First, my suggestion is to lighten their load, by stop watching over “the entire community.” We are adults, start treating us as such. Less is more.

And would you please start naming “individuals or small groups.” Stop beating around the bush. If I am one of the individuals please, by all means, include my name. Out us. If you are going to control the narrative, at least do it with courage.

Also, enough with the innuendos, be specific. What are their agendas? What is the detriment? Why are you advising your Directors to ignore or “avoid reacting” to this “small group?” Don’t you think we ALL need to be heard, not just who you deem honorable? This is the problem YOU have created. Walking out on members while speaking is not the way a good leader handles issues. Sadly, this is the reason many of your Directors haven’t a clue what the issues are. Keep them in the dark.
I am so sorry that we are not your chosens, (not really). I am proud that there are still a few of us that are willing to hold our elected feet to the fire, and ask the difficult questions.

You did leave out while reciting the Board’s accomplishments Saturday, the many Resolutions that your Board has created. You forgot to tell the members attending what punitive measures can be taken with said Resolutions. You forgot to tell them this includes leaving free speech at the door, per Stu Steinberg. You left out the reason for the new expensive AV equipment. You forgot to tell them of the RV dump disaster. It can’t be all sunshine.

So please, I ask, since you have the privilege of controlling the narrative, at least make it informative. Re read your quote in the second paragraph of your statement, and see how silly it sounds.

Carol Orr