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7/16/21, 6:15 PM


“Hello Carol, in response to your email I have been ACTIVELY SEEKING INFORMATION regarding the incident.” I’m not jumping to any conclusions because I have heard two sides to this story. At this point conversations will be had and hopefully a resolution can be attained. Thank you for your concern.”





On 4/20/2020, a “Permanent”/False Trespass Order was filed against Ranch Matters News Service-John Stevens & Dave Stangland by Ranch Golf Course Superintendent, Richard Jensen, while covering a vandalism story on the Ranch golf course.




Ms. Orr emailed Ranch Director/Treasure/GOLF COURSE LIAISON, Jerry Cooper, on 4/24/2020 and asked whether or not he would be looking into the “egregious behavior” of Ranch Golf Course Superintendent Richard Jensen the day he and the CRR Board of Directors used the Sheriff’s Department to trespass Stevens and Stangland from the golf course. Additionally, she addressed Jensen’s foul mouth and his over use of the “FUCK” word while attacking Stevens on the course.


Further, she asked, “If the BOD’s and employees cannot control their anger and hate of some individuals then there needs to be some consequences.”


On 4/29/2020, Director Cooper responded to Orr’s email and stated, “I have heard from two sides to this story” and adds, he’s having conversations with some unidentified parties while supposedly seeking not just information, but also a resolution.


Cooper stated he’s “actively seeking information” but from what source(s)? At no time did Cooper make any attempt to speak with Stevens or Stangland.

It should be noted, Cooper lives next door to Stevens.


What wasn’t known when Ms. Orr emailed Director Cooper was he had been sent an email from Ranch Manager Judy Lapora dated 4/23/2020. Lapora’s email was also sent to Directors Mark Schneider and Stephanie Proffitt that included a forwarded email/report from Richard Jensen dated 4/22/2020, describing his version of the incident.


Jensen’s 4/22/2020 email along with Lapora’s 4/23/2020 email and a cover letter dated 4/24/2020, was promptly sent to the Department of Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) by Director Mark Schneider as part of his “FALSE/UNFOUNDED” complaints against John Stevens’ private investigators license.


Did Cooper’s search for information begin and end with Lapora’s email and Jensen’s attached report submitted to DPSST by Schneider and the Board of Directors?


According to CRR’s Policy & Procedure Handbook, nothing can be submitted to a state or federal agency without Board approval. Section 7.6 of the Handbook states:

“Any official communication with various state and federal agencies will be conducted through the Administration or an assigned Board member. The Ranch Manager (Judy Lapora) will keep the Board current on any issues related to these (DPSST) government organizations…”


Cooper ended his email reply to Ms. Orr saying,

“…hopefully a resolution can be attained.”




Ranch Matters knows how the Board uses Resolutions and government entities as part of a retaliatory pattern to malign and silence all opposition.


Resolution or Retaliation?


We reached out to Director Cooper for a comment,



Ranch Matters Staff

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