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11/22/19, 4:30 PM


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***Editor’s note: This story contains some graphic content/language that may be upsetting to some readers***

“…My suggestion to you is, GET A FUCKING LAWYER…”
Ranch Vice President/Director Stu Steinberg

As previously reported, Ranch Matters posted a story yesterday, titled, Kangaroo Court, regarding an Ad Hoc Committee commissioned by Ranch President, Carl Harbour to review complaints about him and Ranch Manager, Judy Lapora submitted by Sean and Onya Remer.

As reported, Harbour selected the following Ranch Directors to conduct the review: Mark Schneider, Bill Burt, VP/Stu Steinberg and Marie Carter.

Onya Remer questioned Harbour’s wisdom in selecting fellow Directors to investigate complaints directly about him and the Ranch Manager. Onya asked, “Why is one of the subjects of the complaints coordinating the review/investigation process.” She added, the review is welcomed, “but not by a biased board that reports to the subject of the complaints.”

The Remer’s feel, Harbour should not be involved and all Ranch Directors recused. Further, they believe, a disinterested independent party should conduct the review/investigation.

Today, Onya Remer called VP Stu Steinberg and asked him if he should recuse himself? According to Onya, Stu answered in a raised voice and stated, “No I Don’t, I Don’t and my suggestion to you is GET A FUCKING LAWYER, and WHY DON’T YOU SUE US…”

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