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1/14/19, 10:40 AM

Crooked River Ranch Special Road District (SRD) ANNEXATION-Emergency/Quail Road

Follow-Up REPORT

Ranch Matters posted a story titled, “SOUNDS LIKE A JOHN THING…” regarding the January 9, 2019 CRR/SRD MEETING.

As reported, the SRD is unsure, confused-or NOT, on how to proceed with the Annexation Process of the Quail Road Extension Project. SRD Commissioner John Williams said they would be discussing the possibility of seeking guidance from Madras attorney Timothy Gassner, the same Gassner, currently representing Williams and the SRD involving a Public Records Lawsuit.

Interestingly, Timothy Gassner’s name, is one of many SIGNERS on the Quail Road Extension Project Agreement along with Tim’s wife, Jefferson County County Counsel, Alexa Gassner. Ms. Gassner, in an email dated 9/12/17, stated in part, “…I will be heading up this project on the County’s behalf.”

When was Timothy Gassner retained to represent the CRR/SRD regarding the Quail Road Extension Agreement?
Why would there be a question of who would assist in the Annexation Process when the Gassner’s were both used to contractually encumber the Ranch residents on behalf of the SRD Commissioners?

Again, at the January 9, SRD meeting, why were the SRD Commissioners playing a game of Charades, when they obviously have been provided some legal advice that included Timothy Gassner’s role.

Another QUESTION, is there a CONFLICT OF INTEREST at work here?

According to OREGON REVISED STATUTE, ORS 244.040, it states that “no public official shall use or attempt to use official position or office to obtain financial gain or avoidance of financial detriment that would not otherwise be available but for the public official’s holding of the official position or office…”

ORS 244 further states in part, a potential conflict of interest occurs, “…when a public official takes official action that could affect the financial interests of the public official or the officials relatives or businesses with which they are associated.” Additionally, “An actual conflict of interest occurs when a public official takes official action that definitely would have such an effect.”
(Resources: Special District Elected Officials Guide and ORS 244.)

Instead of playing this dog and pony show, why doesn’t the SRD just come out and openly admit that they have all the bases covered by the Gassner’s.

Ranch Matters Staff

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