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7/01/22, 11:24 AM


“The pictures that our FRIEND here took was the brown ones out there?”

The above statement was made by Ranch President Bill Burt at the 6/20/22, Regular Board Meeting and directed towards Ranch Matters (RM)-John Stevens.


Burt further accused RM-John Stevens of the misdemeanor crime of trespass. He stated: “… Well at that time you trespassed to take the pictures of a brown fence, right?”


He rattles on: “Setting right next to them were the big grey ones that would practically make a coral…” “Thanks for NOT taking pictures of the grey ones, so that everybody would actually get the TRUTH.”


The TRUTH of the matter is Burt willfully lied to the meeting attendees and members of the Homeowners Association.


On May 25, we published a report titled: “WHAT DOES $23K LOOK LIKE?” that included several photographs of the brown and grey panels stacked side-by-side and on top of each other.

*5/25 Story Pictures Attached

Burt’s statements are just part of his on-going campaign against RM News Service and their factual reports. Burt, as well as, other current and former Ranch Officials have used their positions of power to wrongfully obstruct, harass, annoy and interfere with their news operation.

Ranch Matters Staff

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