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2/22/22, 4:44 PM



Today Ranch Matters (RM) checked in with Jefferson County Community Development Director Scott Edelman regarding the Rodeo Arena Project approved by the Ranch Board at last night’s (2/21/22), meeting.

Due to the Board’s decision to approve this controversial project that has been riddled from the start with deception/lies and secrecy we’ve been asked to dig a little deeper into the process.

We started with Mr. Edelman at the Community Development Department who took time out of his busy schedule and explained the planning aspects of the rodeo arena area.

According to Edelman, the proposed rodeo arena/Lower Pasture is designated as a “PUBLIC PARK” based on the zoning codes. He added, no permits are required due to the zoning designation.

Edelman stated permits are required for “Mass Gathering” events and cited 422.11 from the County Code Book and confirmed the scheduled rodeo event will need to obtain a permit pursuant to code.

He added, if there are any permanent structures constructed the designation could change and that Ranch Manager Judy Lapora has been the contact person for the rodeo project. To date, all communications between the County and Lapora have been verbal.


Next stop, we spoke with County Commissioner Kelly Simmelink regarding the $10,000 “donation” requested by Ranch President Bill Burt and Manager Judy Lapora at the Commissioners meeting on February 9.

We talked about Burt’s February 9 presentation and the latest controversial developments. Commissioner Simmelink stated: “An Officer of your Association ( President Bill Burt) came and made a presentation for the $10,000 dollar request from the TRT funds. So the decision to fund the $10 thousand for the rodeo match money, I guess you could say, was predicated on the information we got. If there are allegations, that there is, other things that Ranch citizens believe could be a hindrance to receiving this type of a grant, I guess we probably need to dig into that.” Commissioner Simmelink added, he needs to speak with County Counsel for advice.

Simmelink ended, if the Association Members/Readers think there is something amiss, they need to “look into it.”

Ranch Matters Staff