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2/16/2022, 5:45 PM



Yesterday, Ranch Matters was contacted by Kevin, a concerned homeowner, who wanted to talk to us about President Bill Burt and Ranch Manger Judy Lapora’s Rodeo Proposal.

Due to his concerns, Kevin emailed all of the Board of Directors and only Director Julia Randall responded. According to Kevin: “As a 501(c)(4) corporation non-profit that the main reason for existence is to act for the betterment of the residents of the Ranch. So I saw some red flags about this project and how it was brought to light, or not…”

Kevin’s questions included information regarding “The promoter, who nobody wanted to tell us who it was. He also questioned the stakeholders involved. He was curious about the “Possible connections between members of the Board or the management of the Ranch and the promoter…”

Kevin confirmed that “about 15 minutes” after sending off his email to all of the Directors he was called by Director Randall. The conversation with Director Randall lasted about 15-20 minutes and Kevin stated: “She was, I’ll say, livid about how much she’s been lied to by her cohorts on the Board of Directors.” Kevin stated she told him: “That this rodeo promoter is actually the business partner of Judy Lapora-Ranch Manager’s husband, husband’s brother actually.”

Kevin continued: “She also told me that she was lied to about what the transient tax monies could be used for…” Due to the lying and family connections to Lapora, Randall further told Kevin, “She actually wants to rescind the vote and nullify it.”

We asked Kevin, did Randall specify who was the liar and he stated: “Most notably, the President of the Board, Bill Burt-had known for quite a while that Judy Lapora’s husband’s brother was affiliated with the promoter. That’s probably what made her the maddest of any of it.”

*SEE Kevin’s Unedited Video Interview ATTACHED

While preparing this story, Director Randall returned our call. We talked both On and Off the record. Randall was told about Kevin’s interview and its contents. At this time she was limited on what she could say, but did confirm she was “caught off guard” by Burt’s rodeo proposal and indeed he “withheld information.” Randall also confirmed that she learned about the conflicts not from Burt or the Administration, but from Ranch Matters.

Director Randall confirmed that the “rushed” contract was signed immediately after Burt’s Special Meeting last week. She also informed us that as far as she knows the promoter was not vetted and probably should have been.

Randall has an open door policy and she asked us to let the homeowners know she represents them, not the Board. If you have any questions, comments or concerns contact her-she would love to hear from you.

Ranch Matters Staff