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March 2, 2022, 5:23 PM



Last week, long time Ranch resident, Rollin (“Steve”) Farasyn contacted Ranch Matters (RM) regarding the Rodeo Arena Project and the secrecy behind it. He toured the proposed arena area with us and pointed out the proximity to his property.

Steve Farasyn pictured in the center, speaking to a couple of Ranch employees.

He wanted RM to know, right up front, he was never contacted by anyone from Ranch Management about the Rodeo Arena Proposal, until it was a “done deal.”

Mr. Farasyn’s 16 acres sits directly adjacent to the proposed rodeo arena area and feels at the minimum, property owners directly impacted by the rodeo event should have been noticed in advance and afforded an opportunity to voice their concerns.

Additionally, Mr. Farasyn’s wife operates a federally regulated “Wild Life Rehab” sanctuary and is concerned about the rodeo’s impact on the wild life.

Farasyn is not one to sit back and be steamed rolled over. He’s contacted various government officials, a couple of Ranch Directors, Ranch homeowners and Claude Rickman, the mysterious promoter.

Mr. Farasyn was told by promoter Rickman, he is, “BACKING DOWN AND DOESN’T WANT ANY PART OF IT.” Apparently all of the controversy surrounding the rodeo arena project isn’t worth Rickman’s time and money.

Farasyn is hosting a Ranch Meeting tomorrow, (3/3/22), at the Heritage House at 4:00 PM and is inviting all concerned residents to attend.

RM has attempted to obtain a comment from promoter Claude Rickman regarding the BACKING DOWN quote and surrounding controversy, but to date haven’t received a response.

Ranch Matters Staff