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3/22/22, 4:42 PM



At last night’s (3/21/22), CRR/BOD MEETING, Ranch President Bill Burt read a prepared, not sorry but sorrowful speech as to why his and Judy’s rodeo arena project for the lower pasture area was killed. He failed to mention that Ranch Manager Judy Lapora most likely was the instigator and/or “ringleader” behind the proposal who, interestingly, had family connections to the promoter, that they did not disclose until exposed on Ranch Matters.

While reading from his speech, Burt appeared disgusted and not too happy with a “relatively small group of owners” opposed to the rodeo.


He tried to explain his version of events by saying: “When the idea of moving the rodeo to Buffalo Park was first proposed, the County recommended that the HOA apply for a small mass gathering permit to allow the rodeo to be held in the new rodeo location.” He added: “Despite the Boards efforts to be fully transparent and provide accurate information, the opposition continued.”

Burt’s speech further discussed various code and zoning requirements to convert the lower pasture area from residential to commercial along with costs and legal entanglements and then said: “Due to some challenges…”, then requested the Board approve a “Letter of Support” for the promoter.

*NOTE: Burt’s Letter of Support was not included in the Meeting Packet for the Membership.

Burt’s blame shifting and letter of support kicked Director Julia Randall into action. She stated: “I have a lot of concerns-I mean, it’s over the top.” Randall proceeded to explain her understanding of Section 7 of the Articles of Incorporation. According to Randall: “I don’t think it’s appropriate for the Board of Directors to consider zoning changes.”

VP Carl Harbour interrupted Randall and tried to re-direct her back to Burt’s Letter of Support, but she ignored him and continued: “I’m really concerned about this push…” “Right from the get-go, I had-there were red flags all over the place.”

Director Randall: “I was told, well, we don’t want to charge the promoter because he didn’t make money. The only person to make money, was the person who supplied the livestock (Lapora’s brother-in-law) and then all of a sudden, an hour and half before the meeting, the person, who supplied the livestock, was thrown into the contract-granted he was pulled back out of it.”

After Randall’s comments, Burt along with the other Directors further discussed his Letter of Support. While addressing Director Monty Riddle, Burt stated: “Monty, No, you don’t want to support him because he’s just a promoter-he’s going to come here and do a rodeo.” “He’s had nothing to do with building the rodeo.”

Director Riddle responded: “Whoa! Whoa! Whoa…” “Hey Bill, your trying to put thoughts into my head and your saying things…” Riddle closed with: “I just don’t like the idea of where the rodeo is, how the process happened…” Riddle did not agree with sending the promoter a Letter of Support.

Board approved Bill’s Letter of Support.

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