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7/17/20, 4:03 PM


Recently there have been numerous reports regarding the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) finally protecting the Federal Courthouse in downtown Portland.

Acting DHS Secretary, Chad Wolf, visited Portland yesterday and toured the Federal Courthouse. He condemned the destruction related to the Courthouse and referred to some of the protestors as “anarchists.” He was quoted as saying, “It’s time to take a stand,”

Today, Ranch Matters is on the scene of another protest in front of the Federal Courthouse and did not observe any federal agents.

According to an unnamed and annoyed Portland Police Bureau Officer (PPB), the feds only seem to come out after dark. He asked rhetorically, where are they today?

The same PPB Officer said they have been ordered to “stand down” and is very unhappy about it. He added, if you are concerned about the lack of police protection and budget cuts, contact Portland City Council or the Mayor.

Interestingly, the PPB Officer, stated there is intelligence suggesting that ANTIFA is funding the “Hardcore Rioters” $250.00 a day to protest and $500.00 if arrested.

Follow the money…

More to come later today and some video clips will be added.

Ranch Matters Staff

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