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7/14/21, 3:55 PM


Ranch Matters spent some time out at the Redmond Air Tanker Base today and while observing air operations had an opportunity to speak with Sam McKenzie, the “Detail/Dispatch Center Manager” with the CENTRAL OREGON INTERAGENCY DISPATCH CENTER.


Center Manager McKenzie took time out of his hectic schedule and explained some of the inner workings behind fighting wild fires from the air resources perspective.

According to McKenzie, the Air Center is responsible for approximately “12 Million Acres in Central Oregon” with their primary mission focusing on “initial air attacks” in Oregon and Washington.

Currently the Grandview and Darlene fires are the most active fires they’re fighting at this time. McKenzie reported, there are about “300 resources “ assigned to the Grandview fire and additionally 150 assigned to the Darlene fire.

4 heavy air tankers and all available helicopters have been deployed to fight the Grandview and Darlene fires. McKenzie further explained the type of aircraft used, their capabilities, pilots-fire flyers and ground crew operations.

Ranch Matters Staff