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5/12/22, 11:06 AM


Jefferson County Commissioner (Incumbent) Kelly Simmelink spoke with Ranch Matters and stated his campaign to be re-elected is in the “Final Countdown “ phase and he’s asking for your vote.

Commissioner Simmelink stated, “I love my job, I want to keep my job and hopefully folks out there have seen what we have done as a Commission at Jefferson County.” He added, “I know we have done a lot of great things out at Crooked River Ranch…”

Simmelink explained he, along with his colleagues have served during “one of the toughest times that any county commission ever have…”


According to Simmelink the pandemic and other pressing issues he and the Commission faced during the tough times created some strong bonds between other Eastern Oregon County and State Officials. Simmelink stated, “I have made so many unbelievable good relationships and I can’t dote on that enough.”

Simmelink further explained the significance behind these relationships and how they have banded together and formed a “family” to support each other.

Commissioner Simmelink ended stating,

“It’s a honor to be your Commissioner, I thrive on it and I’m asking for your vote.”


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