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6/11/22, 4:42 PM


People’s Rights of Oregon 5 (PRO5) is hosting a 3 day Fight For Freedom Event at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds. The event kicked off yesterday and runs through Sunday.


Scott Stuart, one of the many volunteers that helped organize the event, spoke with Ranch Matters (RM) today and explained that PRO5 is hosting this educational and training event to get people engaged. According to Stuart, there will be guest speakers, medical training and survival training classes along with food and entertainment.

Scott stated, some of the guests include, “Specialists, people that are actually in fields like medicine, intelligence, Constitution and law, come hear them give their side of the story on how your rights are being taken away from you by those that don’t want you to understand, that this is still America.” He stressed, “We’re not just talking freedom here, we’re talking liberty…”

Stuart explained how many of our institutions have been hijacked. He said, “We’re being attacked, our schools, our government, our medical field, it’s all been hijacked. This is a place where you can come, mix in with some other patriots that believe in this Country, that believe in the Flag, believe in United to Defend…”

Last January, Deschutes County District Attorney (DA), John Hummel stated the following in a Bend Bulletin story: “I would tell them (People’s Rights) they’re an anti-American, dangerous group that repulses me…”

*See our story “THE UN-AMERICAN” posted January 23, 2022, for report details.

We asked Stuart to respond to DA Hummel’s comments and he said, “I’ve got a picture of Mr. Hummel giving a little high five to Luke Richter of the Central Oregon Peacekeepers because he kind of sides with those folks who lean on the communist side. So if he wants to talk about Un-American, communism is Un-American, matter of fact, it’s treasonous…”

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