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4/24/23, 3:27 PM


Earlier today, Ranch Matters (RM) received the following MESSAGE from a source within the




Ammon Bundys home in Idaho is currently surrounded by law enforcement.

He is calling for people to come to his aid. **** Harvest Lane, Emmett Idaho.

Please spread the word as best you can and respond if possible. Call Gem County Sheriff and let them know this is not OK 208-365-3521-State Assistants

(Reply STOP to END).”


Our source asked RM to contact the Gem County Sheriff’s Office for further information.


According to the Gem County Sheriff’s Office representative, Mr. Bundy’s residence was not surrounded this morning by law enforcement.


The representative stated: “I can tell you that officers went out-sheriff’s officers went out, two of them, to the residence to speak to Mr.Bundy.


He was not home, they cleared the residence.


We’ve had calls since then from people who were under the assumption that we had gone out to the home, surrounded the home, but that’s not true.“


The two Gem County deputies were attempting to serve Mr. Bundy an Ada County civil arrest warrant for contempt Issued last week.


Ranch Matters Staff

John Stevens & Dave Stangland

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