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10/27/20, 12:45 PM


“Characterized by secrecy and often being irresponsibly arbitrary and oppressive” Merriam-Webster

At the last Regular CRR/BOD MEETING (10/19/20), the Board adjourned at 7:06 PM and indicated rather than holding an Executive Session at the end of the meeting, stated they needed to hold a special Executive Session meeting the following day-10/20/20. The stated purpose was to consult with their legal counsel and 4 hours was set aside in the Juniper Room.


Where are the published minutes of this Executive Session Meeting?

Oregon has something to say about board meetings. Oregon law notes that public meeting minutes are to be kept, and when “executive sessions are used, ORS 94.640 (8)(b) and (c) state: “The board of directors of an association shall vote in an open meeting whether to meet in executive session. If the board of directors votes to meet in executive session, the presiding officer of the board of directors shall state the general nature of the action to be considered and, as precisely as possible when and under what circumstances the deliberations can be disclosed to owners. The statement, motion or decision to meet in executive session must be included in the minutes of the meeting.”

Further, A contract or an action considered in executive session does not become effective unless the board of directors, following the executive session, reconvenes in open meeting and votes on the contract or action, which must be in the open meeting and included in the MINUTES.”

The Board has scheduled a second Special Executive Session Meeting, Thursday, October 29 at 3:00 PM via ZOOM, not in the Juniper Room.

Their meeting notice states, “The intention of this meeting is to IMMEDIATELY move into closed Executive Session for the purpose of conferring with legal counsel.”

Interestingly, they close by saying, “No formal action will occur as a result of this discussion.”


Will there be published MINUTES of this Executive Session Meeting?


Ranch Matters Staff

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