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1/13/21, 3:30 PM


A few days ago, the FBI issued a warning regarding the potential for armed protests throughout the Country on President Trump’s last day in office, Wednesday January 20, 2021.

The feds along with their local law enforcement counter-parts are planning and coordinating security efforts throughout the Country. In Oregon, Governor Kate Brown has activated the Oregon National Guard and if it becomes necessary to use them, deployment locations are to be kept secret.

Today, Ranch Matters reached out to Jefferson County Sheriff Jim Adkins and asked him if he has been provided any specific warnings or alerts relevant to next Wednesday’s event. Adkins stated nothing of concern has crossed his desk, but Jefferson County Presiding Judge, Annette Hillman, informed him that a protest is planned at the Crook County Circuit Court in Prineville. The identity of the protestors is unknown.

Sheriff Adkins confirmed he has no reason to increase his existing level of security protocols at this time.

Ranch Matters Staff

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