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12/31/21, 3:27 PM


Throughout 2021 Ranch Matters has stayed the course and uncovered some interesting facts and events that many would have preferred to be hidden.

We’ve published approximately 240 stories this year alone, including, riots,

demonstrations, spies, crime, fires, special events, elections, governmental meetings/affairs, Covid updates and lawsuits to name a few. Our stories are well researched, original, hard-hitting, accurate and honest.

At the same time we’ve faced malicious, vicious and defamatory attacks from CRR Officials and many Committee Members as part of their strategy to silence us and force us to move.

In our earlier story, “IS IT TIME FOR A REVOLUTION” we reported that the Ranch attorney wrote the Board of Directors assuring them that they need not worry about following the Constitution and stressed homeowners surrendered their DUE PROCESS RIGHTS as Association members. The attorney stated, “As a private entity, constitutional protections, such as due process, do not apply.”

It’s important to note that while our Ranch Leaders are being schooled on how to UNconstitutiionally deny us our most sacred rights, at the same time they have found slick ways to use government entities to do their bidding. Take a minute and think about the ramifications of our Ranch leaders not just using government entities, but also abusing our lack of due process. That’s a hell of a cocktail.

More and more homeowners are waking up and voicing their concerns regarding our Ranch Leaders’ method of governance. They’ve questioned how it is that the Ranch Officials and some employees, seemingly do what they want, say what they want, make rules, break rules and there’s never any consequences for their misdeeds and violations.

We ended our above mentioned story asking, “IS IT TIME FOR A REVOLUTION-A REVOLUTION OF IDEAS? We think so.

2022 looks to be another roller-coaster ride and whether you live on the Ranch or elsewhere, you’ll need reliable information. We’ll do our best to continue bringing you factual, honest reports that other news organizations won’t or can’t report.

As Americans and Ranch homeowners, we must remain vigilant, think creatively and never surrender our freedoms. Laura Jones, one of our members posted: “Hoping 2022 brings out more freedom fighters! Freedom dies if not used…THINK ABOUT THAT!”

Thank you for your continued support and God Bless all of you in 2022.





Ranch Matters Staff

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