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Emergency Exit Report

9/6/17, 2:25 pm

Emergency Exit Report

The BOD Work Session Meeting today proved again, many on our Board feel the membership as a whole need not get involved. There is a mindset, a strategy of circumvention, relevant to the Emergency Exit process being employed by the Ranch Officials.

The Board had an attorney waiting in the wings, ready and willing to promote ways to side-step allowing the membership an opportunity to vote on this very serious issue. The lawyer clearly stated the Board has the authority to act unilaterally and suggested the Board could resort to filing a petition with the court to get it done.

President David Palmer further substantiated the above position by reading from a section of the By-Laws, specifically Article 10, in essence saying, it’s a Board decision.

Ranch Manager Judy Lapora suggested the cost of the election was apparently more important than the million dollar price tag.

Lastly, Director Carol Orr suggested the membership be provided more details.

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