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5/30/20, 10:07 PM

This afternoon a massive supercell thunderstorm hit the Central Oregon area causing substantial damage throughout the area.

Jefferson County Sheriff, Jim Adkins and the County Commissioners spent the afternoon surveying damages in the cities of Culver and Metolius.

Adkins started the damages are so severe that a “Emergency Declaration” will be discussed on Monday.

See Sheriff Adkins Video Statement ATTACHED.


Ranch Matters spoke with a representative from the National Weather Service in Pendleton.
According to the Weather Service, wind gusts “exceeded 80 MPH.”

A meteorologist will be dispatched to the impacted areas tomorrow to survey the damages along with the Jefferson County Emergency Manager.

The meteorologist will additionally be investigating the wind patterns with the objective of determining if it was a tornado, funnel cloud or just straight sustained winds that caused damages.

Ranch Matters Staff

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