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10/11/19 2:31PM

As a Licensed Amateur Radio Operator (KD7RTE), I’m concerned that Backup Communication systems are being discounted because of technology. For example in California, the State wants to remove Ham Radio Repeaters from hilltops with no justification provided.

The backbone of Emergency Communications is and always has been Ham Radio Operators.

Today, Ranch Matters received an e-mail that relayed a message from a Ham Operator in Shingletown Ca, informing Ham Operators of the PG& E blackout and how he wouldn’t be able to perform standard Message and Traffic duties at this time.

” Hey guys, (WX#ABC) called me….he has no power, just got gas for his generator and has to deal with spoiling food etc due to PG&E cutting off their power. He says he will not be ready in time to run his net today. So we need a NC (net control) for the formal net today. 73 de NA#RGX.”

Ham Radio has provided Emergency Communications in many major incidents, including, Hurricane Katrina, the B&B wildfire in Central Oregon and the Sept 11 attacks.

There are 56 Ham radio operators licensed in the 97760 zip code.

All VOLUNTEERS, without (by law) any compensation, many participate in local events, such as, Pole, Peddle, Paddle. Hood to Coast race and many other events. So why would any Government dismiss a reliable resource like Ham Radio?

Ham Radio’s motto, “When all else Fails… Amateur Radio.”

As an aside, in the past, Ranch Matters Staff, worked on an all volunteer driven security/safety program for CRR residents, that included Emergency Communication protocols. Much like California, the program was dismissed by your Ranch Officials.

73 de Kd7RTE

Ranch Matters Staff


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