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3/29/18, 11:01 AM



I see the Pioneer had a Front Page Photo, “Madras March for Our Lives” in your 3/28/18, Issue.

Why is it the Pioneer refuses to cover any News regarding CRR and specifically the controversial Public Works Project-Emergency Road Exit on BLM land, in Deschutes County and OUT of CRR BOUNDARIES?

The HOA along with their Government Partners have gone out of their way to avoid providing the impacted residents with timely, honest and accurate information. Further, they have paid a hired gun-attorney, to circumvent the process of allowing the residents the right to vote.
The SRD, in particular, Commissioner John Williams has refused to provide SRD RELATED RECORDS pursuant to the Oregon Public Records Law. I had to file a Records Suit in JC for access to said Records & next Monday, 4/2/18, we have our first court appearance at 9:00 AM.

Last January there was a demonstration with over 30, concerned Ranch residents in front of the County Annex Building and again, the Pioneer did not cover it or any other aspects of this developing story.

Can you help me understand why the Pioneer is MIA regarding this story along with all the other Ranch related news?

The Pioneer’s lack of interest and failure to cover this story is becoming news in itself.

Would it help to contact Mr. Pamplin and see about getting you some help?

Thank you.

John Stevens


Ranch Matters Staff
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